Project description

RITE of ILK is a local co-operative exploration game that revolves around the lives of two sacrificed children who are forced to venture through unknown lands to save their tribe from the edge of extinction. All while being tied together by a rope. The two must trek through treacherous environments, solve environmental puzzles, and return peace to their home.

ILK's two protagonists, Mokh and Tarh, must learn to collaborate and overcome obstacles together by turning the rope's limitations and restrictions into their advantage. The rope's limited length forces the players to closely communicate on how to overcome certain challenges. The players team up, explore ancient ruins, unravel mysteries, and face a greater power -- together -- because it's all about cooperation.

During my time as a Gameplay Programmer working at Turtleneck Studios I have had the chance to work on RITE of ILK and a unnanounched game project. This was the perfect opportunity to further improve the quality of my code and my programming skillset.

During my time working on RITE of ILK I have:
- Written and maintained several mechanics.
- Written and maintained high quality game code ensuring that is was clean and easy to use.
- Improved a tool and setup up a pipeline that will increase the the effectiveness of designers working with dialogues.
- Evaluated effectiveness of designer workflows and made game system improvements accordingly.
- Provided ongoing support, improvements and debugging for existing game features.
- Written several utilities to support the team.
- Reviewed/buddy checked code from other engineers.

30 minutes of RITE of ILK gameplay

Project details
  • Category : Game Development, Programming
  • Date Created : September 1, 2017
  • Website : RITE of ILK

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